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    Everyone knows that hotels are finding the current economic climate in Europe difficult, but there appears to be a bit of an arms race going on to see how much they can charge for breakfast.

    Of course businessmen are a captive audience, not enough of us check (for which read, not enough of our travel departments check) the price of breakfast before making a booking, and anyway it is all on expenses for most of us, but I have noticed a marked switch among European hotels to rates being quoted “American style” (ie room without breakfast) rather then the more traditional “European style” of bed-and-breakfast rates.

    And that leaves the hotel free to charge (almost) what they like. A stay in Paris recently – at a middle of the range hotel, rooms around €180 (quite cheap for a business hotel in central Paris) – came with a simply eyewatering €40 for the breakfast buffet. To put this in perspective, I usually expect to spend less than that on dinner in Paris when travelling there – with a glass or two of wine.

    I know there is the option of going to the café round the corner (croissant and coffee around €7) but in the current very cold weather it was not appealing at 6.45 am to try and find one that was open!

    What are other people’s experiences in this regard. Or was I just unlucky to find a particularly gouging hotel?



    I was staying at a Taj hotel recently, and was billed £48 per person (equivalent) for breakfast.

    My jaw dropped.

    They had billed each item individually (a rasher of bacon was £4!).

    I had a word with the receptionist and this was reduced to a more reasonable £20 – I’d imagine few people staying in the suite I was using ever bother to check the bill.



    When i am covering the hotel bill I will usually try to obtain an all in rate. Otherwise will “negotiate” and exec floor room with lounge an breakfast. SPG Plat, generally don’t have the problem of needing to pay for breakfast .

    £48 + tip for breakfast is nonsense.



    Good to hear from VK again, it might put an end to some speculation.

    Whilst we all Know Paris can be expensive, £48 for breakfast is over the top. One has to wonder how many guests did not follow VK’s example and query the cost? And the subsequent boost to the hotel’s revenue stream?




    I noticed that the Sheraton Milan Malpensa, a hotel I frequent, increased charges to 18 euros each for a breakfast excluding drinks which are more than 5 euros each. Each time I go, the room only costs £40/night (cheap!) on secret hotels, but for two people to pay 46 euros (same as room price) on breakfast is just silly.

    The key to this is McDonald’s! I love their pancakes and syrup which never exceed £4 including a hot drink in various countries, cheapest in Malaysia (£1.50). Save the money and have a nicer lunch!



    I understand your point Hengli, but if I paid just £40 for a night at the Sheraton I really wouldn’t mind paying same again for breakfast. I guess the hotel has to make some money somewhere and £76 B&B for two at the Sheraton is still quite a bargain.



    Ridiculous that a Taj was charging that sort of crazy price for breakfast but good to know they reduced the charge. I know they have properties in New York, Boston and San Francisco, London and Cape Town, but my experiences with Taj in India has always been great since breakfast and other nice money-saving benefits come included with the club rooms and even if not in a club room their 24 hour coffee shops provide a superb spread at a very reasonable cost. I know not all hotels around the world have club rooms, but they always work out at better value with everything taken into account. Had especially good experiences with club room bookings in India and the Middle East.



    LP, if you’re saving so much money on the room, why blow all the savings on an inflated breakfast?

    But, actually, the way to beat the system is to buy breakfast through the secret hotels option and it costs about £5 each! Bingo!

    Only downside is no spg points…



    The most I’ve ever paid for breakfast is € 32 at the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo. But if you think about it, some of these breakfasts in 5 star hotels are the equivalent of 3 or 4 course meals so not such bad value really.



    I’m intrigued by the “secret hotels” Hengli. I’d be grateful if could you tell me what they are or how to find them? Always up to saving money!



    The Radisson Mayfair London wanted £30 for breakfast even though I only wanted coffee and a bacon roll and only had 15 mins spare.

    I went across the road & enjoyed my breakfast for less than a fiver.



    OMG Vintage krug did you stay at The Pierre NYC?

    Hengli123 yes MaccyD’s pancakes are to die for and you get nice coffee too!!

    No excuse for any hotel to charge stupid money for breaky unless it was a 3 star michelin one by heston blumenthial made with all weird 😉 I was once charged £9 for a bowl of cornflakes with milk?!?!?!?!?? ;S lucky i wasnt paying it was all on the company.. but still not right 🙁 x



    Like Martyn I am SPG Plat and use the lounge, except as properties where you cannot get decent coffee. Then its off to coffee store for latte with extra shot or two and a bagel or a dansih. Not big on sit down breakfast except on vacation and then the tab goes up with Bloody Mary or a Mimosa.



    Becky babes, if you think McD pancakes are to die for then you haven’t tried anything decent. Plus the syrup they give you is high fructose corn syrup which is very bad for you. Best to stick to genuine maple syrup.

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