Best and worst travel logos ever?

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    In the light of comments about the new Swiss International Airlines logo (see link below), what are your suggestions for the best and worst travel logos ever?


    Has to be the London 2012 Olympics logo.

    The first version caused epilepsy, the static version offended everyone. Some say it looks like a swastika, while Iran made a formal complaint because it spells ZION.

    Personally, I think it looks like Lisa Simpson performing fellatio.


    Straight to the point, in my personal opinion, logo-wise (not livery), as followed:

    Best: SQ, GA, QF, KLM, LH, Swiss (the old logo), CX, Delta.

    Bad: BA (Can’t quiet figure out that blue thing on top of “British Airways”), MH (looks dull), Thai. Iberia.

    worst: Etihad (the logo on the tail of the aircraft looks ugly), Oman, China Southern.

    Best travel logo: KLM (color, uniforms, cabins and aircraft)
    Worst travel logo: Aer Lingus (color, uniforms, cabins etc.)

    I must say that I also very much like the Oman Air logo and image.


    best – BA, Qantas, Mandarin Orientil, Four Seasons xxx
    Worst – Japan air, Cathay, iberia 🙁


    The best travel destination logo certainly has to be the one for the Bahama’s…


    Any logo that casues conversation and press articles appears to have done its job!!

    So being recognised as being bad, presumably is positive!!

    Personally I cringe when I see Ryan Air logo and smile when I am looking at BA F logo.

    I feel at “home” when I see the Westin / Starwood logo and hope I dont have to see an Accor logo.

    The Finnair logo reminds me of good experiences whereas the Qantas logo reminds me a flight delays and old aircraft.

    The BT logo means I am in for a good read.

    Happy bank holiday weekend. Hope the weather stays good wherever you are and stay safe anyone in New Jersey.


    The new ANA livery on the 787 is appalling. I know it is only a promo livery for the first few deliveries, but it pales in comparison to the blue stripes livery on the rest of the fleet.



    The “thing” on top of British Airways? You mean the Speedmarque, the most recognisable Airline logo in the world?


    I always liked the unpainted look of AA equipment and I do like the stylized eagle. I also like the new JAL tail painting and of course the Hawaiian Tails. I do not like TAP logo, KLM, TAM or any of the Big Letter logos. I find a lot of the Middle Eastern carriers a trifle gaudy. Favorite all time is probably Pan Am globe. Uniforms I like Iberia, Lufthansa, JAL and British Airways. Worst uniforms are probably any with hats. Least favourite paint job is the Air India with the stupid windows paint around. Forogt… worst must be BA tail designs when they dropped the flag. Talk about ugly, about the only time I agreed with Margaret Thatcher I think when she commented it was a bad move.


    Superb. Long live the Iron Lady:

    The Speedmarque (in all its iterations) is similarly splendid, and as good a logo as any airline’s and with so much history, too, going back as far as Imperial Airways in 1932:

    The new advertising campaign will emphasise this heritage.


    I’ve always liked the Virgin uniforms as well as those of Singapore. Colourwise, I think a striking tail job is very distinctive and easily spotted even from the ground when they fly overhead. Swiss is so easy to spot as is KLM, though I do muddle them up with Korean.

    Swiss FA’s all wear Black and White shirts/blouses and the other day flying from JNB I mistook the Captain for the Purser. He was not amused either by my comment “ah, so you’re our bus driver tonight”! Good job the air over Africa was still, I’m sure he would have gone through turbulence deliberately to upset me!!!


    The PAN AM logo with the blue ball on the tail of its aircraft was the worlds most recognisable airline logo for all time and undoubtably the best



    Hard to disagree – that was pure class and a timeless logo.

    My favourite is the Air Malta tail, huge white 8 pointed cross on a red backgroun – when I see it at the gate or pulling onto stand, I know I’m going home.

    It also has some history behind it, rather than being an ad man’s creation.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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