9/11 – 10 years on – please remember

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    Today marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Without sounding like a preacher or political analyst or trying to promote any religious ideology, please can we all spend time, thinking about the events of 10 years ago.

    Perhaps people could use this thread to leave a message to someone they lost or provide a memory of where they were at the time of the attack.

    May we all have safe and peaceful travels and never take for granted the freedom of travel we all have.

    What ever race, religion, colour or nationality we all are, please G-d, we can all sit together and never have the need to or desire feel scared or nervous when boarding an aircraft.

    Safe travels everyone.


    SUCH ‘sophisticated’ magnaminity.


    Good sentiments Martyn.
    For those we lost.


    We all remember where we were when we first heard the terrible news 10 yrs ago.
    I arrived at Concorde House at Gatwick to find a US Airways crew standing outside in tears consoling each other. A mixture of distress, anger and disbelief.
    Crew the world over always had time for each other, from a passing ‘hi’ in an airport to a big night out at one of the crew haunts in Narita, socialising together and swapping stories.
    Following 9/11 this bond became stronger and I will never forget the look in the US crew’s eyes, a look of “‘why?, please tell me why”. It will stay with me forever.
    The AA and UA crew were the first victims on that awful day, a fact not lost by crews to this day every time we report for work.

    Let Martyn’s words echo.

    Safe flying everyone.


    I think today is a good day to thank all the crew who look after our safety even though we don’t always show it.
    Thank you ladies and gentlemen of all airlines.


    Apt solicitude Martyn. Thank you.
    I concur with your and RichHI1 sentiments.

    An appropriate minute silence was observed and allowed reflection by all in Wellington NZ today.


    I remember being in Port Said, Egypt on the day it happened and found out when I walked past a TV shop that was showing the pictures and I remember 2 Egyptian middle aged guys watching the TV’s and they were crying.

    I flew on a SQ B777 from DXB-CAI on the first anniversary and I remember there being a total of 6 passengers aboard.

    May all those who perished on that horrible day and in all the following acts of terror as well as those civilians killed in Iraq and Afghanistan Rest In Peace.


    Nice thoughts Martyn, as always.

    I was in the twin towers observation deck late in June 2001. Admiring the views, using a camcorder to keep the memories…..and the camcorder packed in. My first thought was never mind, I can always make a recording next time…….

    But there was to be no next time. I often wonder if the lovely staff members I met that evening are still with us.

    My wife and her mother visited New York late 2001: their most vivid memories are of the warmth of New Yorkers who welcomed them to their city in the aftermath.

    Safe travels all,



    Here Here.


    May I echo your sentiments martyn as well the others.

    i remember coming back from lunch and Eduardo the junior intern telling us a plane had crashed into the WTC. We though it was an accident with a light aircraft when suddenly the second plane hit. I remember the newscasters comments and the shock and horror we all felt as we realised this could not have been an accident.

    May the war on terror succeed even at the cost of some personal loss of freedoms.


    A colleague who flew BA from Boston(origin of 2 of the airliners involved in 9/11) yesterday morning, reported normal numbers. Some US passengers choosing BA over US carriers for safety reasons.

    A touch at odds with the DM take.


    Glad to hear many were not intimidated and flew safely, long may it continue.

    Fitting that the insensitive thread is no more.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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