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    I am about to apply for a 6 month visitors visa for the USA. Can any one point me to the correct website as there seems to be a lot of different options.

    Do you apply direct to the US embassy, in my case in London, on line or is it necerssary to apply thorugh a third party service provider.

    Does any one have experience and able to point me in the right direction.

    Many thanks



    You can pay a 3rd party agency for them but it isnt worth it now.

    Just download the form directly from the US Embassy website and then apply and wait for the interview (where you can’t take ANYTHING not keys or a phone) into the building and wait and see.

    Long and painful process. Oh and don’t forget the supplementary form that males have to fill in about weapons etc.




    Thank you kindly BT Forum. I presume you are allowed to take a book to read during the wait??



    There’s a Chemist shop nearby who will hold your stuff for you while you wait. Otherwise they’re pretty strict about not taking anything else in with you.

    Suggest taking back copies of Business Traveller with you.




    I wasnt going to post until I had been succesfull, but I did get an appointment and went to the Embassy. I took one look at the Q and went home. I was told that it could take anything up to 5 hours.

    Friends who been before me have said that once you are seen it takes about 30 minutes or so and the advice is to get there really early, before opening.

    Next time I hear an American voice complaining in an Immigration Q, I will raise an additional smile and may even go over and shake his hand to proove that we Brits, do indeed have the right to make the Yanks Q in discomfort as well.

    Whilst I still would like a 6 month American visa, to spend more time in the States during my very enjoyable semi retirement, I may choose somewhere else to visit, perhaps Malta, where us Brits, may be made to feel far more welcome and I know there is BT Embassy in the outpost of Swiegi.

    ps – Many thanks VintageKrug for the Chemist article. When I saw the article heading, I thought you were perhaps suggesting people go to the chemist for a pill to cure themselves of a US Visa requirement syndrome!!




    You will always be welcome 🙂



    Thank you DoS.

    nirringrazzjak hafna. I jistghu zjara wahda kuljum



    Jekk tagmel dan, nixtieq lilkom tailwinds u kun, gur ta ‘mer, ba, jekk jiena hawnhekk, se nuri inti l-g, ejjer



    gwida tat-turs personali tieghi stess, nirringrazzjak

    This sounds far more friendly than 5 hours in Berkeley Square!!

    Have a great week.



    You should visit globalvisas.com,It would be the best option for you.

    Good Luck!!!

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