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    Some quite good deals I hadn’t seen highlighted on here, confirming suspicions that the real BA Sale bargains are flight+hotel these days.


    £250 pp rtn to Barcelona plus 2 nights in a decent 4* hotel isn’t to be sniffed at these days! I think you get a bonus 5,000 BA Miles into the bargain.

    Don’t forget to book via Quidco for a further 3% off:


    Cue the Binman’s disparaging comments about CE:



    Forgot to post it, I already booked a weekend to BCN for the summer because of the promotion you mentioned.

    It was £100 cheaper than Ryanair without luggage 😉 (priced for two persons).

    I wasn’t aware of the quidco.



    Interesting that the photo on the BA link above of the BA Club Europe cabin is… err… Club World! (Once had a First seat on CDG – LHR when the 777 first came out.)



    I will ask for 20K miles compensation only for that 😛

    Now seriously, this is not good…



    The whole promo webpage is, frankly, a disaster.

    Far too busy, no link to the full T&Cs, really appalling resolution on some of the text and some of the copy isn’t exactly helpful.

    Looks like it was put together by a trainee.




    Everything Binman posts is fair comment, unlike some of the compost you subject us to.

    By the way, for other readers, understand that if you buy a flight and hotel package you will then be dealing with BA Holidays, not the Exec club.

    This means that some of the facilities you may enjoy will not be available.



    That is a very good point about BA Holidays Disgusted. As a warning if you don’t book the package at the time of the flight booking you don’t get the miles. The same as if you book a hotel through ba.com after you have booked your flights you get no miles.



    I think you meant to write “to which you subject us”.

    I cannot think of any facility not offered to BAEC members when booking via BA Holidays, except the aforementioned lack of flight miles if you book “flight only”, or hotel miles if you book “hotel only”.

    Certainly if you book the “flight and hotel package” you mentioned, by clicking the link I posted, you will receive all the miles for the flights, plus the 5,000 BA Miles bonus.

    I cannot think of any “facility” which would not be available to a BAEC member as a consequence of booking a BA Holiday.

    Advance seat selection, maybe? But that can easily be rectified by calling up, or adding your BAEC number either at the time of booking or via MMB after the fact. Premium Check In, Security, Lounges, Priority Boarding, Tier Bonus BA Miles, should all be available as normal.



    The only one restriction that I am aware of, is that you cannot upgrade with miles a BA Holiday ticket.



    Indeed, but that would be irrelevant in this case as the offer is already in the highest availabale class (CE) and in any case, is not dependent on your BAEC membership tier (almost anyone can upgrade a valid ticket with BA Miles).



    Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear gents, but I have two examples. Five years ago we booked flights to Orlando but did not book accomodation as we didn’t know what we wanted to do but needed to secure flights as dates for some of the party were limited. A few weeks later I booked accomodation and car hire through BA Holidays. After the trip I had no miles credited. When I put in a claim I was told I should have booked the car and accomodation with the flights.

    Earlier this year having booked flights early last year I booked a hotel from ba.com in HKG, but again no miles. The hotel voucher emailed to me said BA Holidays. No miles



    “I think you meant to write “to which you subject us”.”

    No, I’m writing on an internet forum, not a serious paper for a business leader, where grammar might be a concern.

    Judgment isn’t your strongest point, is it?


    Absolutely agree about the missing miles.

    Another facility is that the BAEC may no longer help with upgrades (and VK did make similar comments about long haul recently) as P Sepsas says and this may not be available through MMB.

    I had a real fight to do a MFU, having been caught – I booked a one way taxi transfer via BA.com and without warning the whole booking went to BA Hols, by the time I managed to get in touch (it fell over a weekend), the redemption seat availability was gone – the EC could see it, but could not help and MMB was greyed out, as it was a BA Hols booking.

    Eventually I did get the seats, because they then charged me three times for the single booking and did not refund £3,000 they owed me until I pointed it out some weeks later and it came down to either doing me a ‘favour’ to resolve the matter or facing a serious complaint, with small claims action for consequential loss.

    I would not use BA Holidays again, after that experience.



    I have since learned it is indeed possible to MFU a BA Holidays fare, although this is only possible by calling in during BA Holidays opening hours.

    So no loss of any “facilities” for BAEC members if booking during opening hours.

    You also get full miles and mileage bonuses for flight+hotel packages booked at the same time via BA Holidays; whether this has changed since you flew, the separate booking of flight and hotel messed up the mileage tracking, or you were simply misinformed by the agent on duty I don’t know, but NT should have received full mileage credit for a BA Holidays package booking.



    £500 for 2 nights in Barcelona for 2 is a very good deal in ET let alone CE. £870 in Madrid at the Intercontinental is not such a great deal as rooms are around 130 to 140 euro (used last month) and a booking via BA holidays will not be treated as an eligible stay by priority club. VCE FCO and Faro also look like good deals but Dubrovnik most certainly is not at over £1000.
    On balance these deals do offer value for money when you consider that flights are from T5, have lounge access and the hotel is included. As with everything BA, you need to choose with care.

    CE is not a product I would buy for a short flight and the concerns I have expressed in the past refer in particular to the sectors of more than 2.5 hours especially the longest to ATH, LCA, SVO, IST and TIP (when it operated.) By any measure the CE product on those routes is poor. Nor in my view does it matter that the competitions offer a similar poverty of service. BA should be striving to be the best not join a rush to the bottom.

    As a somewhat disillusioned BA loyalist of over 2 decades I feel both qualified to comment on what has been a clear erosion of service standards across the airline in recent years. My views are however my own and I am not the least bit offended when others disagree or indeed when they challenge those views in a coherent and rational manner. I do however object to personal attacks even when I am protected by the cloak of anonymity.

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