4 Ways to burn fat at the Airport

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    OK, so airports are clinical, overcrowded meeting points that only serve to bundle travellers into one place so that they can be herded onto jets and flown to distant destinations…

    While you’re there, you may as well put the time to good use, and BURN unwanted calories!

    Method 1: Window shop
    Once through security, use your waiting time to walk up and down the variety of clothes, souvenir and duty-free shops that litter every airport across the globe. Window shopping costs you nothing, keeps you moving and, if by chance you see something you like, your walk won’t have been in vain.

    Method 2: Pace up and down making calls
    Who wants to stand or sit still, making a call that can be overheard by 10-15 others close by? Give yourself some privacy and make calls on the move, as you pace around the departure gate, wearing the carpets out. To be super efficient, why not combine method 1 and 2?

    Method 3: Take the stairs between levels
    Forget the escalators and elevators. Use your feet as God intended – up and down stairs. Any opportunity you get, climb the steps to go to the bathroom, to check flight times, to see different shops or just get a higher perspective on life below.

    Method 4: Don’t use the ‘Travelators’
    You heard me! I know they seem a tempting option, as you trundle your hand luggage on wheels behind you, but travellators are a waste of space and energy. Most people actually slow down their waking pace on these things, making the Travelator SLOWER than walking!

    If you step up your pace walking unaided, you can outwalk one of these flat escalators and feel smug for beating the slowcoach in front. What’s more, once you relax, the thought of stepping off and walking again seems less than tempting.

    Do yourself a favour and carry on walking until you sit down on your flight.

    You’ll burn more calories, you’ll sleep better during your flight and you’ll stand apart from your fellow man or woman, who chooses to follow the crowd and be lazy.


    I often achieve all 4 methods by still being at work or in a meeting while the others on the flight are meandering down the travelator.


    Thanks for the great ideas and surely a great awareness to be more healthier in the future !!

    Whether I ‘ve written it wrongly or not — just not like you..VK..that is an improvement for anybody !!


    “More healthier”? Or just more healthy?


    Perhaps avoiding taking the greasy meal in the lounge and onboard, staying of the Claret and the Fizz will do more?

    They key for me is getting a proper hotel with a good fitness centre with reasonable opening hours. Obviously, there is much that can be done at the airport. I for one is not so worried about the lack of exercise while away as the lack of control of what to eat, and when to eat it…


    So who looks like the fitness they practice then?
    Waist & Chest measurements please?!!

    Mine 32W, 45C (no over supply on the stomach?

    The Aussies do the best with this with constant Powerwalking through the day, & the Dutch biking everywhere, very fit population, including the businessmen!

    Still, no point unless you eat the good food in the lounge healthy options, & on board! Most lounges around the world, have few good examples of male fitness these days.
    I agree, all my stopovers have a pool & gym & spa facilities, that’s first thing i look for before booking, even between connections can be very useful.


    Yes, I think exercise does need to be a part of a business trip or overseas travel. Despite the obvious benefits of helping you control your weight, exercise also invigorates you and restores energy, something that is crucial to maintain, especially crossing time zones.

    There are certainly few examples of fit and healthy business people in airport lounges and on flights.

    For me, finding a small amount of time to exercise, even if it’s only in my hotel room, makes me feel a little bit smug, as if I know something that others don’t about restoring my energy and feeling better.

    As far as eating’s concerned, I look for fresh food whenever possible, and avoid packet stuff as much as possible.


    To Expand this thread even further , as a traveller who is 6 feet 7 , and incredibly fit, i have to get up from my seat frequently , to stretch, and perhaps get the blood flowing. DVT is a real threat for someone og my huge size. so does anyone have any tips on ways i can burn calories, or get the circulation going in-flight , without terrifying fellow passengers at 35,00 feet ?


    Exercising on a plane is pretty difficult, especially if you don’t want to attract strange looks from your fellow passengers!

    I find it’s best to be subtle in a plane. I tend to straighten my legs, contract my quads and raise my shins up to touch the underside of the chair in front. Hold for a few seconds, then relax down, repeat for 5-10 reps.

    I also tense my abs, drawing my belly button in and up, contract for a count of 10 while breathing, then relax, repeating 5-10 times.

    I do neck stretches, bringing my ear towards my shoulder each side, and drawing my chin down towards my chest and then tilting my head back.

    I also do ankle rolls while seated. and then contract the backs of my thighs, as I sit with my feet on the floor, knees bent to 90 degrees,

    I also take advantage of the airline bathroom, stretching without anyone seeing, although at 6ft 7 that might be difficult!

    Lastly I always try to opt for an aisle seat, so that I can get up and down as I like. Taking stuff out of the overhead locker several times during a flight gives you an excuse to get up.

    Hope that helps!


    Wow Fitbusinesstrip , you sure do give some very helpful details. I suspect you would have a bright future in Personal training if all else fails, i will certainly try to incorporate some of these exercises on future flights, as you pointed out, the Bathroom exercises may prove difficult. 🙂


    Ha! Funny you should say that – part of my job is as a Fitness Coach, so I’m well-versed in fitness on the move. 🙂

    I find making up for the lack of activity on board once I arrive at my destination tends to help. There are no end of bodyweight exercises you can practice in your hotel room, once off the cattle truck!


    Great to see so many of us” V” Shaped here!!!
    Makes a change from the Usual Business lounge ” U” shapes!!!

    Constant repeatative Armchair promotions for BA don’t burn up much of the excess for some!

    Two colleagues I liaise with, in different places round the world all swear by pre & post gym work outs, swim, & saunas (even with connection), & /or massage in airport, for long haul, as soon as possible. One an X US marine 42, the other X UK paratrooper 38, both around 6ft4, Very fit guys, but they also eat vegetarian food on board, fresher fruits & veg ingredients fragrant, tend to be lower fat options, high nutritive, but not heavy

    I try go for Asian or Indian vegetarian, lots of C class fine teas, Masala / / Rooibosch, Plenty of tonic water (Quinine helps), always a multi-vitamin before n after sleeping, & the old Aspirin always promotes good blood flow anyhow. I never get a heavy if i have had good wines that way.
    The other friend i have in Budapest, is a 6ft7 swimming coach for the National team. He takes his inflatable Exc. ball everywhere, for stretches & yoga.

    I imagine these days, there are enough things that could be blown up on the Aircraft, without pumping that up in the toilet!
    Some excellent tips, & a good fun thread eh?


    Connecting at FRA will be enought for burning many fat (espacially from Schengen to Non Schengen).


    If worry and stress burn calories then todays USA TODAY news paper states as its headline 65000 planes flew since 2003 that shouldnt have left the ground in the U.S

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