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    Sorry if this has already been discussed but I couldn’t find a thread.

    BA have announced 4 new routes from LHR to the Med:

    Olbia (2 weekly)
    Kos (2 weekly)
    Corfu (4 weekly)
    Split (2 weekly)

    All commence on 1st May 2015 and run until 20th September.



    Are these not Gatwick routes, they would be suited to Gatwick?



    Definitely Heathrow. Flights are loaded on BA’s website. BA have been introducing leisure routes exLHR for some time now but note that most are seasonal and only fly on some days.



    BA seem to be moving into the ‘premium holiday’ market (or creating one?). I did see they launched Mykonos this year, however at prices around £400 return, as opposed to Easyjet at around £250, it’s a hard sell for those just wanting a bit of R&R. On board the comfort levels aren’t so different – other than the provision of a free meal and drinks as opposed to purchasing them.

    These flights usually leave really early in the morning – so personally I’d rather an extra hour in bed than an hour in the lounge, and an extra £150 to spend on my fly n’ fry.



    And with the new “enhanced seating”, this does make them (BA) less attractive, especially as these flights are in the region of 3-4 hours!!



    From about 2005 until about 2007, BA served Split seasonally from LGW so interesting that they are reinstating it, but this time from LHR as does Croatia Airlines seasonally. In contrast BA serves Dubrovnik year round from LGW but with a reduced service in the winter months.



    Interesting about the price which I hadn’t looked at as a simple return. In June next, CE, ex AMS to ATH, then rtn ex JMK to AMS, £560pp approx with the shareholder discount! Seems good value now. JMK is not the easiest place to get to, especially from Ireland.



    Booking around Xmas time with Easyjet from Luton or Gatwick, for the upcoming summer period, it’s usually around £149 to JMK. The downside is if coming from elsewhere, the flights leave at around 0700 so you would have to overnight. Booking early enough you can get extra room seats, so arguably a more comfortable journey than in CW.



    I fly to to Greece regularly in the summer for my couple of weeks in the sun and a few glasses of retsina. I generally find that booking about three months in advance going from LHR via Frankfurt or Geneva on LH or Swiss/Edelweiss gives one decent flight times (no landing at 2am), decent connections, great prices (cheaper than direct even on the loco’s) and from the UK to Greece is on the way. I also find more choice of flights to the islands on those carriers than you get from the UK without having to transit through Athens. For instance last year I left LHR at around 10am and was in Heraklion six hours later for £180 return. Easyjet was quoting around the 270 mark plus luggage and would have saved me around 90 minutes. As it was a family of four we saved enough to upgrade our hotel to something rather special. So my advice…shop around. I hate European night flights, so a 10am departure for me is spot on and you will pay well over the odds doing it direct.

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