26 Fun? things to do on a 19 hours flight.

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    The DT has identified its 26


    How many have you done? What yoga poses have you managed?

    Which ones are you going to try now?

    Any additions ?


    Wow what a inane piece of journalism. Reminds me of the chain emails that used to do the rounds in the ’90s with titles such as ’10 things not to do whilst wearing glasses’ or the like. Written by enthusiastic nerds and invariably unfunny. I’ll contribute accordingly:

    1. Do extreme sports: see how many times you can open and close the blinds during ‘sleepy time’ when the cabin is dimmed but outside is still daytime before a fellow passenger stabs you with a plastic spoon. (Not to be attempted in the premium cabins; metal cutlery hurts much more).

    2. Go on a treasure hunt: find two sets of sleeping parents and see if you can swap their babies around without them noticing.

    3. Play doctors and nurses: invent novel health / medical conditions and ask cabin crew for remedies (run of the mill embarrassing complaints such as haemorrhoids excluded as that just lacks effort). I think I’m having such an attack at the moment it’s called acute irony!


    I’d divide the passengers into those that are single & eligible on one side & the married folks on the other.

    The singles can take part in speed dating, the married could do their version of Ashley Madison.

    Thanks for making this Friday interesting, BigDog!



    Sadly I’ve already achieved many of them, and even worse, didn’t need an ultra- long haul flight to achieve it……

    1)See who can do the best accent from each country you fly over ……Easy, over Kazakhstan, ….issss naaiicce !!
    2)Try to write down every US state in 20 minutes .Then every UK county. ……New England isn’t a state mate, as for UK counties, would struggle , I live in Sturgeonland : )
    3) An aeroplane drinking game? Consume two fingers every time there’s turbulence; order tequilas if someone starts snoring (please drink responsibly)….That’s tame!! ; )…….Remember I’ve flown with the Tartan Army
    4) Organise a pub quiz with other people on board…..Actually, some airline IFE systems encourage this
    5) Try to start a Mexican wave…….See number 3
    6) Make paper hats out of the in-flight magazine – and then launch your own catwalk fashion show down the aisle……Not quite this, but have cut out life size faces of famous people from an in-flight magazine, and the winner was the person who could most impersonate closest , the behaviours of that individual. ….If I’m not mistaken, the winner was my mate, who weighed 20+ stones and was 5’8” in height, with his magnificent re-enactment of Diana Ross having her hissy fit, to the tune of A’int no mountain high enough ……Ahhh memories

    Which has reminded me….
    As for the most inappropriate film you can find. ….AC, once showed the original Airport film, circa 75, on their new 747’s YYZ-YVR route, the route that happens to cross the ehmm, what do you call them again ?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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