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  • AMcWhirter

    Hello canucklad

    “there is a perception of more space [on East Coast] compared to either Cross Country or Virgin.”

    You are correct. As I mentioned above, Virgin’s Pendolinos and the Cross Country Voyager and Super Voyager trains (both were acquired by Virgin Trains when it held the Cross Country franchise) are slightly smaller than the East Coast trainsets which were acquired in BR days.


    Thank you all for the feedback and various inputs!

    Always interested to review perhaps things that are not reviewed so often, and look at alternatives. Doing this shows some evolving of different routes and methods of transport, and maybe reminds us of choices we can try out. we can get very set in our ways for travel, refreshing to make some different choices.

    I have to say also, that it is nice to have built up a few “credits” to spend at a set amount regardless of line or distance, that the account gives with East Coast Trains.
    I booked further tickets for other Train Companies with them today,which in turn give me a good free travel 1st class ahead, quite a bonus these days.
    These i shall take for a good leisure reward.

    Trips with 3 or more, qualify for a small group discount i also discovered.

    I also have a York trip booked in the coming weeks, and will try East Coast first up, and Grand Central trains standard back, and will try to post some comparison then also.


    Excellent review Marcus. My vote for the best train service in the UK would also go to East Coast. They really are shining stars compared to the rest.


    Marcus, I agree, an excellent review. Does the East Coast experience make the case for an integrated, national rail system, publically owned and run……… Ooops, we used to have one of those


    Well, national or not, it works.

    The hard working staff, the good quality regularity of basic foods, and a happy pleasant place to be and work on board. The carriages were tatty and frayed and not the standard of Virgin Pendelino”s.

    But if this gives over £M640 a year back into the Government funds, the someone should take note.

    I note the cutbacks planned for SNCF quite a surprise, and FYRA as a concept has had its day, so maybe a shake up of the western EU train sets is now the next focus?


    As a post and with all complements to East Coast, the delay of just over an hr on the return, I have had £96 in National Rail vouchers returned to me as compensation for a late return (beyond their control) of over an hour.

    I think this is terrific service, the information on entitlement was being handed out to everyone as we arrived late at LKX. This should be the definition of Great Customer Service!

    This is refreshing not to have to write and campaign for something, and get little for your efforts.

    Again, my thanks East Coast, I am booking ALL rail travel through your website now as i accumulate free points for travel, and your customer service has stunned me actually! I actually think your staff worked very hard through the journey and the food standards were really terrific.

    I am proud to support a Non privatised service that give Million £640 back to the taxpayer, and leads the way in customer service. How great if we could return to the public purse such amounts for other services in daily life!

    It seems BT readers are also too, very supportive, and again thanks for your interesting views and replies.


    Just read your very interesting and informative post Marcus. Guess I missed it first time round.

    Unless connecting by air I’d never bother with a plane over train, too much hassle with security, what you can and can’t take on board, showing ID several times etc.

    On a recent trip to ZRH from Lugano, even though the plane fare was cheaper, I took the train. 5 minute walk to station, 2 minute wait for train, boarded with my bottled water and off we went. Door 2 door travel time about the same, maybe 20′ longer by train but at least I can use the Internet and my iPad throughout the journey.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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