18-35 Year Old Business Travellers Needed! – New Cabin Luggage Concept

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  • rory.mcdonald17

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a final year Industrial Design student and am currently working on my final major project. I am focusing on creating a new and exciting piece of cabin/hand luggage for Millennial Business Travellers.

    However, I am having trouble finding people within my target market to speak to. If anybody falls into this category, would you be able to answer some questions and give your opinion based on your business travel experiences? (Older business travellers are also welcome to comment!)

    Any feedback is going to help massively with my research!

    Thanks, Rory

    1. How often do you take business trips

    2. What are some of the typical business trips you take and how long do you go for?

    3. What luggage do you take with you? Type (suitcase, bag,backpack etc), Brand, Model?

    4. What belongings do you usually pack? (E.g. 3 shirts, 2 trousers etc.)

    5. How much does your luggage usually weigh?

    6. Do you usually travel First Class, Business Class or Economy

    7. Which steps of your Business travel journey do you find to be the most stressful or which you think could be improved through the design of luggage? (e.g. going through airport security)

    8. From your travelling experiences, what are some of the main issues with business luggage that you can think of which could be improved?

    9. Could you rank these words in order of priority/importance in terms of what you want from your business luggage or potential business luggage?

    Cost, Flexibility (Able to be used in lots of different situations, packed in different ways etc), Manoeuvrability, Ease of use, Technology, Size, Weight, Style, Quality, Comfort.

    10. There seems to be a recent trend with younger business travellers taking ‘Bleisure’ trips – (Mixing Leisure activities and days with work on Business Trips). Is this something that you usually do? If yes, what kind of Leisure things do you do on Business trips?

    11. Any other comments?


    Just out of curiosity Rory…..why are you aiming at ages 18-35?

    I can’t see there being very many business travellers (if we discount UK travel) aged 18-25 (leaving you a 10 year age span) although of course, I may be proven wrong. I’m basing this on my own experiences and the fact that in the main, University studies tend to be 18 or 19 to perhaps 24.
    In many years of overseas business travel (1988/89) I have yet to meet someone in the age range 18-25 – though of course, others may have – question asked purely out of curiosity.


    Also, if it helps with your research, I will answer (although it should be noted that I’m much older than your preferred target.

    1 – Long haul 1-2 times every month

    2- North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), China, Japan, Korea, India, South East Asia (Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand) – trips last between 9-12 days normally.

    3 – Laptop briefcase and 4 wheel spinner (Delsey) regulation cabin size.

    4 – I pack 50% of the clothes required and have laundry done at the half way point

    5 – Never really checked it but suspect 15KG

    6 – Business on long haul, normally economy on internal domestic or between countries for example, Mumbai to BKK.

    7 – Airport security particularly following a long flight (LHR is pretty bad) and long lines at immigration. Also it’s pretty stressful travelling by road in SEA and places like Mumbai 🙂 I cant really see this being affected by luggage.

    8 – Checking in luggage for a complex business flight, one runs the risk of it being lost somewhere & never quite catching up with you. I’ve spend many unpleasant & frankly wasted hours on the phone to hopelessley disinterested & unhelpful lost baggage people. Bag trackers are already on the market with the ability to track your luggage via your phone. At this stage, I can’t honestly think of something new that can help….I’ve heard of electric wheelies where phones etc can be charged. I’ve always liked the idea of a small recess on the wheelie, where those cheap and nasty FF cards could be inserted and locked into place but viewable both front and back of the card so there are no baggage carousel mistakes with lookalike luggage – surprised this has not yet been a feature (although I may have missed something)

    9 – Not really, I’m personally not a lover of expensive brands of luggage (Tumi for example) and I prefer to travel with much less expensive luggage – currently Wenger briefcase (£40) and Delsey 4 wheel hardsided spinner ($USD 130) – the main features I look for are, in no order as I consider them all important:
    a – Hard sided
    b) wheels on each corner (normally 8 separate wheels)
    c) Lightness in weight
    d) must have 2 separate sides/partitions – one for clean clothes and one for laundry
    e) Must be regulation carry on size
    f) lockable zippers
    e) Not black colour – preferred to be very bright colour for ease of identification on the carousel should I have to check it into the hold.

    10 – I normally travel solo – the majority of my business trips are as a solo traveller & at the end of a trip, I just want to get home for a few days before heading off again. It would be unusual for me to tag on a holiday although I do try to engineer my trips to be in a preferred destination at the weekend for example, Sri Lanka rather than Mumbai. On occasion, my wife has joined me for long weekends in some of the more interesting destinations courtesy of FF points (given the constraints of time, Japan would not be an option for example, but NYC, Tampa, Orlando were regulars)

    I know I’m not your target but I hope this will help in some way.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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