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    BA Club Europe ex-LGW a few days ago. Three rows of Club Europe with NO divider/curtain, on an-ex BMI A319 with the minimum legroom.

    I pointed out to the very pleasant purser that this was unacceptable and did not go with the product description of “a separate cabin for Club Europe”. She asked me to write a complaint. I told her it was a waste of time. She offered to write it for me and submit it internally. She said that this aircraft had been like this for ages and was fed up with it. To make a point to BA she gave me 10,000 Avios, instantly, as an apology for the fact that BA had let the customer down again. Things get fixed when it starts costing BA money.
    She was brilliant.
    If you come across this, ask for the 10,000 Avios!


    Openfly, very interesting. I noted the lack of divider earlier in another thread, and in fact wrote in to BA and asked for the refund of the difference from economy to CE as they did not provide the promised service. This is the wonderful response I received from BA in its entirety:

    “Thank you for your email dated 10 December 2014. I am concerned that there was no divider between the Club Europe and the Euro Traveller cabin on your flight to [xxx]. I appreciate this must have made the journey unpleasant for you. I know this isn’t the kind of service you would expect from British Airways, considering the amount you had paid for your ticket. Please accept our sincere apologies.

    We take our customer’s views very seriously and I am disappointed to learn you are not satisfied with your experience with British Airways. I want to reassure you that we have a number of initiatives underway to address shortfalls in our customer service and to improve the products and services we offer. Our customer feedback is very valuable to us and is used to help us identify and prioritise these improvements.

    While I appreciate your reasons for asking, though, I am afraid we cannot offer you the refund that you have requested. I am sorry to have to disappoint you.

    We know we operate in a very competitive market – and that we must do better if we are to deserve your confidence and trust. We really value your business as our valued customer and we want to do everything we can to make flying with us as easy as possible. I hope you will choose to fly with us again soon, thereby offering us a chance to restore your confidence in our service.”

    The usual cut and paste platitudes that smack of corporate speak and drivel. I guess it depends on who you talk to where and am glad you at least got some resolution. I’m fed up with the lack of consistency in the air and on the ground. What a farce.



    I find that complaints to BA through BA.com are totally useless. I get the impression that they are speed read by a machine that fires back reply 42a……

    This particular purser seemed even more fed up with BA than myself and seemed to derive pleasure in giving me the Avios!

    But, as I say, it sets a precident. So, if you get the same situation ask the purser for compensation via their BA iPad.


    Last year was given an onboard apology of 25,000 between FRA-LHR by the Purser.

    Instant solution, I accepted, was equivalent to 5 LHR-FRA sectors, all which were used and more than made up for the crappy service given on that occasion.

    Depending where you were going Openfly, 10,000 avios = free European return ticket..



    Oh bum, I should have asked for more…25,000!!!


    I woke up from a snooze half way to SFO and found a complaint form in my seat pocket, had not asked for it, filled it in, apparently the inflight entertainment did not work and I did not even notice that, got 10,000 avios as compensation, and on top of that I got a OP upgrade to WTP before boarding,


    For BA it is no doubt it is a cheap way out. For anyone that complains you dole our a few Avios which people may or may not use/be able to use depending on their travel habits and destinations.

    Most regular travellers know what CE is like these days, the choice is essentially to go with it or chose a different carrier.


    Where BA get its loyalty from is the network out of London they offer..

    As others have said, they only care about return to shareholders… that s what they are in business for….

    Until of course…….. the house of cards collapses, which inevitably it has to………

    Until then, crappy product, crappy service, uninterested staff, but decent route network and usually decent prices….. and avios availability on in Europe….

    lets move on…


    I had cause to file 2 complaints with BA last month for the same issue of not being allowed in the lounge despite my CX Marco Polo gold card (BAEC silver equivalent) in my hand & a BA boarding card on my phone.

    Each time I filed it through ba.com & got a remarkably similar copy & paste job as above. One did also mention the trouble I had with my baggage – amazing given I’d not mentioned my bags, mainly as I was travelling with none!

    Both times I was bunged 10k Avios – it seems to be the bog-standard, shut-them-up response. I’d much rather the appropriately addressed the relevant issue & resolved it to make service standard across the board, however I’m not going to turn my nose up at the Avios!


    All of you seem happy with the instant 10,000 Avios points you were given, you see for me I have so many of the damn things I could sell them back to BA, I have 4 upgrade vouchers thingies that they give out BUT…….

    Cant use them every flight I have tried to use miles on there is no seats even though I can book a flight paying cash! As for the upgrade vouchers not worth the paper they are written on…

    As stated earlier the big upside for me was last week trying to book a BA flight to LHR from SIN for the end of the month there are seats in J and F in 13 months !!!! However the very kind machine pointed me to CX and will be flying with CX from SIN-HKK-LHR return in First and will not have to touch BA…… result!!!!!!!!!


    I have just returned from the Dominican Republic, 777-200 into LGW, Club World. Throughout the entire flight there was no entertainment system whatsoever, not even the map worked. Even more frustratingly, this was just the front Club World cabin only rows 1-4. The rest of the aircraft was fine.
    Got the usual story of them trying to reboot – they knew the thing was bust when they left London earlier that day. The cabin boss just came round and said she had given up and to fill in this form which she handed round.
    I received 12,000 Avios within 48hrs..
    However, questions have to be asked when travelling on a major airline in a premium cabin why such a major part of what they offer fails completely, and I know this is not the first time.


    As a rider to starting the thread. I received the 10,000 Avios almost immediately.

    I have now had an email from customer relations. Instead of following up the lack of cabin divider….wait for it….yes you know what’s coming…they apologised for “the discomfort of having a broken seat”!!! Ba..boom!

    Obviously the BA Bangalore third party service centre has problems understanding what is written. You have to laugh.


    We travelled business class last April from Delhi to LHR. Ba up graded a family of 8 to business class and I had the granny sitting in the window seat opposite me and all throughout the flight it was like being in Piccadilly Circus. Everyone crossing over my legs or brushing against my legs. BA offered no compensation. I wrote to Ba and got a reply from customer service in Delhi ‘ sorry about your experience and thank you for bringing it to our attention. rang Ba and was told the same. Never again on BA club world! hate the seating arrangement.


    What’s the bet that since the feature of the instant avois has been aired here the facility to award the points has been withdrawn from the iPads?

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