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    I recently had an unpleasant experience of stepping on to a piece of broken glass on the aircraft floor during my latest flight from HKG to JFK (flight CX 846 departing HKG on March 18, 2012). During a meal service, a glass accidentally fell from the cart and broke on the aisle next to my seat (business cabin). The crew certainly attempted to clean up, but otherwise had no interaction with me (i.e. no apology and no warning for me to be careful). I did not think much of the incident until I later stepped on the floor and felt a piece of glass under my foot. Fortunately, I did not suffer a cut, and immediately reported the incident to the Inflight Service Manager. A crew briefing was held and I was informed that an incident report will be filed.
    I appreciate that accidents do happen, and luckily no harm was done in this case. However, it might have been a better safety practice if the crew had reminded me to put on my shoes and asked me to step out so that the floor under my seat could be thoroughly cleaned. Subsequent to my reporting the incident, another seat could have been offered to me since there might have been other broken pieces of glass remaining. Since a new seat was not offered, I had to take a liberty of moving myself to an empty seat across the aisle.
    I am a loyal Oneworld customer (Emerald for 10+ years), and have chosen CX almost exclusively on my flight to Asia (approximately 50,000 miles so far in 2012). My experience with CX has been generally very positive. I do however feel compelled to report this incident since such a gap in safety practice may affect other fellow passengers. I sent a feedback to CX customer relations, and am waiting a response from them.
    Your comments and responses are welcome.



    You saw the incident … you should have been more careful !

    I understand your concerns if you were unaware the glass had broken, but you said yourself ‘the crew certainly attempted to clean up’. So you knew what had happened and should therefore wear more resilient footwear.



    Bullfrog, you are correct. I should have been more careful. I fell asleep (feet up with socks on) and forgot about the broken glass until I got up to go to the washroom about an hour later. (Certainly, there was an element of exhaustion after 24+ hours of traveling contributing to my being careless). Regardless of my contribution, Cathay inflight safety practice stands room for improvement. While the passengers need to exercise caution, the duty still falls upon the airlines to provide a safe environment for the passengers (e.g. by offering to move me to another seat in the same cabin). I do not think it is an acceptable excuse to say that “he saw the glass broke on the aisle next to his seat, and should have realized that some pieces might have fallen under the seat. Therefore, he is solely to blame for any subsequent injury”. This is essentially what you implied in your comment above (“So you knew what had happened and should therefore wear more resilient footwear”. Just my humble opinion!



    wongchat….you saw the incident..you saw the crew clean up the glass, the best they could, i think you should take a large slice of the blame for your error. you say no damage was done to yourself so take this as a little reminder to wear shoes when walking around a aircraft.

    There are lots of accidents waiting to happen in a cabin, with plastic bags on the floor along with everything else a untidy passenger discards around his/her seat.

    Just my humble opinion!



    Your opinion noted, Scott. Thank you. I certainly have learned to be more careful.



    Papillion53. Sorry to hear about your own unfortunate incident. To clarify though, I was NOT planning to walk around the cabin without shoes. I was sleeping (in my socks) with the seat in the bed position. I wanted to go to the washroom. So, I retracted the footrest and was reaching for my shoes under the ottoman when I felt something sharp. I had no intention at all of walking around the cabin without shoes. I only thought of the breaking-glass accident in retrospect. Will certainly keep you posted on any response I get from CX. I personally think CX is one of the best in business, and I have been generally very happy with their services for years. I am sure I will get some response back.



    These kind of things happen often.

    If I was serving in the cabin and a glass smashed and the passengers around saw what happened and witnessed me getting out the dustpan and brush, cleaning the glass up etc I would not feel the need to warn passengers to be careful.

    If it was a situation where I accidentally smashed a glass in the galley, out of passenger sight, I would definitely warn each passenger as they entered/passed thru the galley to be careful.

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