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Hi Lugano Pirate
If only it were the case … whilst the Boeing 787 has seperate compressors for cabin air the AB 350 that has only just taken its maiden flight utilises the ‘bleed air’ technology so it will be a few years before it gets into production.
Meanwhile every jet other than the Boeing 787 uses the bleed air intakes, so the potential for contamination is there on every flight and will be with us for at least another 30 years until the current generation of aircaft are retired. That is unless the airlines use different engine oils that do not use Tri Crsyl Phosphate (TCP- Google this for its components and properties: a neuro toxin originally developed by the Nazis) or they fit special oil filters to every jet aircraft to remove the chemicals in the airconditioning!
It all costs money thus they do not want to change now!
and the engine manufacturers (especailly the one from Derby) will not guarantee the engines without the TCP component as it has special lubricant properties.
If you can fly exclusively on Boeing 787’s you will be doing well! I have no commercial interest in which aircraft manufacturer has a solution but it is needed to protect passengers and crew alike while flying!

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