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Tom Otley


It’s an interesting idea.

As you say, it would be voluntary, so the majority would not do it (why should they?).

Setting aside whether the software is capable of indicating such a mark, it would be quite time-consuming to check whatever credentials were offered, and would only mean that we know who they are, not that they know what they are talking about, or even have the facts or information they claim. That would be impossible to verify.

I’m a former barrister, but it doesn’t mean I know much about the law (it was a long time ago).

There are quite a few weekend pilots on the forum, but that doesn’t mean they know much about flying a wide body.

I like reading their opinions, but it doesn’t mean I rely on them, or even believe them sometimes. I certainly wouldn’t quote them in a journalistic piece. (In fact one of the things that this generation will be the last to enjoy is journalists checking facts before they publish something. That horse has bolted. People just want it free and on Facebook, and don’t care who is writing it or why or who is paying them).

I think people tend to give more weight to forum posters over a period of time (or not). They can look back at their previous comments if they want to, or simply remember their positions on previous topics. Even that brings difficulties, however. In the past we’ve had problems when forum posters “investigate” one another and this results in information available on sites such as Linkedin and other forums being brought back here and used against them to discredit what they say , and it gets very messy. I’ve been lightly moderating this forum for 15 years – and many say it’s been far too light a moderation I’ve employed. My defence is that the forum is meant to be where people swap tips and tell stories and argue over travel topics.

Anyway, let’s hear what others think.

Thank you


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