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@ swissdriver – it’s the hundred thousand dollar question. I’ve been in BA a long time so the cynic in me says – it will make things easier from an operational point of view, it will make the MF crew and the legacy crew more happy and secure and bring an enhancement to customer service therefore the answer is NO. Lol.

As Handbag has mentioned there would be challenges with blending the two groups. Namely:
Seniority – on legacy fleets we chose our working positions based on our seniority on the day. MF don’t have seniority.
The way we are managed – MF and legacy fleets work to a complete different set of rules.

However, none of these are extremely insurmountable challenges. And they would require a ‘buy in’ from both groups of crew and their respective unions. And it would take time. The ridiculous thing is that the time to START looking at these kind of things was six years ago. But BA is constantly caught up in other ‘priorities’. A constant churn of senior managers. Resolving (or not) the MF dispute. Launching the new CW enhancements.

I think the hope is that the legacy crews will just wither on the vine until they are basically such a small group they will be forced onto MF. Currently there are around 8,000 legacy longhaul crew versus around 5,000 MF crew. But as such a high proportion of the legacy crew are on a part time contract of some sort the head count equivalent is roughly the same. BA has offered redundancy packages to legacy crew on a regular basis and it’s not a great package but it does cut the numbers which is the only way they really can shrink WW (apart from retirement) as no one leaves! I guess it will take a good few more years – more redundancy more retirement – until a point where MF dwarfs legacy and BA will perhaps start ‘buying out’ our contracts or offering some kind of incentive to either go to MF or go all together.

At the moment BA realise they need the legacy crew so are keeping us sweet. With the high turnover on MF as well as their industrial relations rumblings BA would be up a creek without a paddle so to speak without the legacy crew. I think once all the dust settles they’ll renew their efforts to vastly shrink the legacy fleets though. If they offered me a much better VR package I would likely take it. At the moment it’s not good enough – roughly £1.2k per year of service.

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