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Bearing in mind Swissdiver’s and handbag’s comments (thank you both for sharing your views), it seems that Intheair is not up to speed on netiquette (“I confess I don’t know what flaming is”.), so here are two definitions that may be appropriate to his/her comprehension:

Thread hijacking

“When a person starts a posting on a message board, or forum, or Facebook, that others are able to comment on, that original posting and the comments on it are called a thread. A thread hijacking occurs when one or more individuals commenting on the original posting, go off topic, creating a separate conversation. This is rude, and bad internet etiquette. If people want to discuss a different topic, they should start their own thread.”

Thus my comments to Henryp1 – no participant has the right of censorship here (as Flightlevel says), but it is reasonable to ask someone to stay on topic and invite them to start their own thread if they wish to have a different discussion – it is not pedantry to do this.


‘Flaming’, or ‘to flame’, means to attack someone verbally online. Flaming is about hurling insults, transmitting bigotry, name-calling, or any outright verbal hostility directed at a specific person. Often, flaming is a result when there is a heated difference of opinions on a topic, and it has devolved into childish bickering.’

Produce a virtually continuous stream of invective is certainly flaming.

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