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I believe that there are good and not so good in each type of cabin crew, mixed fleet have given some superb service and continuity over time, just as the old contract crew have been dreadful with an attitude of entitlement over giving proactive service. As with any employee I believe that if they don’t like it, they shouldn’t stay as it must be unnecessarily stressful for them regardless of the free flights etc.


With the very greatest of respect, this it completely NOT THE POINT of this thread.

As thread starter, may I ask you to stay in the scope, which is what is the point of creating a new group of cabin crew, with a fresh start and then allowing it to become demotivated.

By all means, start your own thread on which fleet is best (or not), but pleased don’t drift mine. Thank you.

Gosh what an angry poster you are, it feels as though you’ve singled me out over others, I’m just posting as some others have. Never mind as an open forum I believe I have the right to post, when I debate with friends we use What’s App where we know exactly who is who. That way no nonsense as a fact is a fact. Taking the title into account I thought it was a light hearted thread as I’ve never heard of ‘Miffed fleet’.

Henry, I’ve brought others back on topic, it appears to me as if you haven’t read the whole thread and missed this.

No one has any rights on this forum, we all post at the pleasure of BT, but I would respectfully ask you to comment on thread and not drift it in a direction I have said a couple of times that I don’t want to take; everyone has their own opinion of MF v WW v EF etc, but this thread is about the way that the airline started a new cabin crew group and have got it to a position where morale seems to be very low, churn rate is well above normal and industrial action is prevalent.

So please, will you stay on topic? It isn’t a light hearted thread, as is obvious if you read it from the start – ‘miffed’ describes the apparent morale of a number of mixed fleet crew I’ve encountered this year (not just me, by the way).

Thank you.

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