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Eselle – I have to say, on this occasion, I disagree with you.

I’ve not had reason to take issue with MF before, not encountered a sense that they feel embarrassed, seen them being off with customers or displaying an anti-employer attitude.

To give an example on trip in J a couple of months back I spotted Drambuie listed as a drink on the menu, having read previously this had been ‘enhanced’. I asked for one, the MF lady said sure, disappeared for a little while and came back to say sorry there wasn’t any and offered all the other spirits they had. Handled professionally.

I see them as a less experienced crew than legacy, less well paid, but able to perform a perfunctory service level and in general are cheery and willing, though lacking in polish.

Alan, I think we all need to remember that we have a very small data sample from our own personal experience and I accept what you are saying.

On the other hand, I have seen several examples of what esselle describes in 2017 alone, during twenty odd MF flights.

I’ve also seen the ‘cheery, but unpolished’ approach that you have described.


Once again, the point of this thread is most definitely NOT to compare MF with legacy fleets – there is no point, they are so different in orgin and history.

I do agree that classroom learning (programmed learning, as I would refer to it) is only a relatively small component of building competence and that observing experienced colleagues operating, learning by experience (doing the job) and good coaching are significantly more important to the development of the individual (though the initial programmed learning should be the foundation for building).

However and I realise that you may not wish to answer this as a BA employee, what on earth are management doing in letting this group if crew get into a condition where they can do brand damage?

As I’ve said before, I believe that at least 85% of quality problems are the responsibility of management.

Though the IT outage was a dramatic and brand damaging event, I believe that the compound effect of a demotivated group of cabin crew, who are not well trained in service delivery, could have a worse impact over a period of time as the one off event will be forgotten, but the ongoing experience of crew will create a cumulative effect.

As we know, people are much more likely to share negative experiences, than positive and the media knows that bad news stories are more popular than good news.

So I ask again, to all on the forum, what is the point of mixed fleet?

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