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The challenges faced by MF are obvious in terms of effectively and efficiently delivering customer service – particularly in the ‘premium’ cabins. On my first longhaul flight with BA I was the only ‘newbie’ on my flight. I was coached by my colleagues who had been doing the job five or twenty five years! With MF none of this applies. I have several friends on MF. They say it is not at all unusual to have a crew comprising two people on their very first flight, another few crew within their first month or two and a few ‘experienced’ crew that have been with the airline a year or so. In other words – the new crew are being coached by crew whom themselves are still finding their feet. A far from ideal situation. As others have said this is NOT the fault of the Mixed Fleet crew. They are doing their best with the training they are given. But speaking from experience NO classroom/mock up training compares with the training you receive on board from your more experienced colleagues. In the mock up the business class cabin does not have 97 seats, all the ovens work and no one suffers IFE failures. The average flight this is not the case.

Again, only my own opinion but MF have been able to blag it to a degree because despite them being less experienced and taking a long time to complete the service they tend to be forgiven as it is usually quite obvious they are new and they tend to be quite sweet and smiley and genuinely try hard. The past few months though morale has obviously crashed through the floor – so now customers on MF routes are getting service from inexperienced crew, sometimes coupled with a lousy attitude to boot.

I’m not saying us legacy lot can stand on our pedestal. I’ve flown with colleagues that hate their job and let everyone on that aircraft know. But for the majority of us we’ve been doing the job a long time, are experienced and although not able to display the same loyalty to the company we used to and disagree with many of the choices made at the top, we feel our customers share this mentality too and so we do our best from a sense of pride point of view. Also, we have to acknowledge we are very well remunerated for the job we do and enjoy good terms and conditions – none of us want to lose those.

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