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I would say that BA as a carrier are consistently inconsistent and that applies, in my experience to both legacy and mixed fleet crews. I have had some excellent flights in both J and F with both types of crew but have also had some poor experiences as well with both types of crew. To some extent it depends on the crew on the day.
The product they have to offer, well that is entirely down to BA not the crew most of whom do the best they can with what they have to offer so I agree totally with @intheair that we should not tar everyone with the same brush.
I have had great experiences and poor experiences with many of the airlines that I have flown with, Virgin and the US carriers and their is a deal of inconsistency too with the ME3 as well.
The honourable exception for me is Swiss with whom I have never so far had a poor experience in any of their cabins.
As I have said many times on the forum in the past and will no doubt say in the future, if you really are as unhappy as some of you seem to be from the posts that you write there is a simple answer, vote with your feet as their are always alternatives to BA many of which offer better service and value for money!

I think we are in danger of putting the horse before the cart, on this thread.

The OP said

Is anyone else beginning to wonder what is the point of miffed fleet?

– Quite a lot of those I’ve experienced aren’t very good at their job (seem under trained)
– Quite a lot of those I’ve experienced don’t seem to care too much about doing a good job
– 8 strikes over a 6 month period ain’t a great advert for them or the airline

So what is the point of this lot?

Nota bene:

1 – observational data of behaviour
2 – no blame of individuals
3 – no tarring of everyone with the same brush

The question is ‘what is the point?’ – the closest response to the question I’ve seen was from Steve Scoots in post

As I’ve stated previously on the forum, quality guru William Edwards Deming made the case that 85% of quality problems are management’s responsibility, so the 15% that is not can probably be explained to a great extent by the actions of a minority of crew who let their side down, backed up by an observed air of demotivation (they look miffed) by many.

So, to re-focus the original question, let’s look at two givens

1 – a premium airline flying experience is greatly reliant on the skill and attitude of the crew
2 – crew service training/performance is a differentiator between companies

I ask again, in more words this time, what is the point of employing a large workforce, many of whom seem to be lacking in service delivery skills, who appear to be largely demotivated and who have called 8 strikes in the last 8 months? (althought #8 is currently suspended for talks).

NB: this is not a matter of questioning value for money nor thinking about going to another airline, it is a question on BA’s strategic thinking (or lack of).

NBB: The thread is not about comparing MF to WW or EF, either, it’s about the current state of a stategic gambit of some years ago.

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