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Read the initial post up you wrote – it was entirely inappropriate to blame poorly paid staff for the service standards you seem to expect. Blame BA and to be honest I am surprised you fly them – but if you do, belt up as you have a choice.

Your juvenile comment about your colleague doesn’t warrant a response.

Don’t be so rude about staff who are just trying to earn a living. I don’t agree about their strike action as they knew about the job when they signed up, but they are giving service appropriate to what they are being paid. It is for us as customers to vote with our money if we don’t appreciate the service. Don’t be so self-important, because important you are not.

For what it is worth, IN MY VIEW BA staff by and large give a reasonable level of service and I tend to fly quite them frequently, usually in first class. Most of the time they give good service, some of the time it is poor but for the convenience of terminal five, which is close to where I live, I tend to use them for direct flights. If I was as derogatory about the service as you are, I wouldn’t use them – you can fly with who you want but please stop moaning about it when you do.

I have to say that I totally understand the post by selbyjay – he/she disapproves of the they BA treat their staff, and avoids flying BA, possibly to his or her inconvenience, and that is a good principle in my view.

Oh gosh, where to start.

I haven’t blamed mixed fleet crew for giving bad service – I just commented that many of them aren’t very good at their jobs (and I specifically stated that some seem under trained – (let me make it clear in the service, not safety, areas). Training is their employer’s responsibility, isn’t it?. Therefore not only do you have challenges with thinking logically, but apparently also with reading.

Your proposition that they are giving service appropriate to what they are being paid is simply ludicrous.

Self important? for querying what is the point of employing a group of employees of whom many aren’t very good at service, don’t seem particularly committed/motivated and who go on strike a lot? You have a strange perspective.

You seem to wish to censor comments you do not like – that seems rather a Stalinist approach to me.

And by the way, do you mind not drifting the thread please? It’s not seeking an opinion as to why people fly BA or choose not to. Thanks for that courtesy.

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