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@LP….MF are 18 and the females wear hats, plus the 21yo boss introduces themselves on the PA as Customer Service Manager rather than the legacy CSD. After that it’s all downhill! ?

Although I don’t want to get into the discussion about the capability of Mixed or Legacy, I do wish to clarify / add to the above information.

Initially when Mixed Fleet was introduced, they were the only ones to wear a hat (excluding Promotional Events Team). After a short period of time the Company decided that Mixed Fleet would carry on wearing the hat on all aircraft and in addition Legacy would wear them if they were operating on certain aircraft. I only work Legacy on 747 /777 and don’t have to wear a hat, but as far as I am aware if a Legacy Crew member is licensed and operating a 787 or A380 aircraft, then they do.

So if a Mixed Fleet went on a 777, 747, 787 or A380 to LAX, they WOULD wear a hat
If Legacy flew on a 747 or 777 to LAX they WOULD NOT wear a hat,
If Legacy flew on a A380 or 787 to LAX they WOULD wear a hat.
(purely for example, could be LAX or any other destination).

I think the logic was
a. Initially the Company wanted to distinguish between the 2 Fleets, possibly the change was because they no longer wished to. ???
b. As Legacy Crews take on a new licence, they are then issued with a hat (although they don’t wear when they work on the older aircraft).

In essence, the hat no longer is an indication.

The titles are correct,
Customer Service Manager is Mixed
Cabin Service Director is Legacy

Legacy Fleet , has not taken on any Crew in approx 15 years, so the youngest Crew on Legacy is likely to be approx 35. I would estimate the average to be about 45, possible older 🙂

If several look nearer 25, then they are most likely Mixed Fleet.

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