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I flew with Ryanair many years ago Stanstead to Dublin return day trip for lunch, found it a terrible experience and have never considered the airline again, regardless how cheap the tickets are. But potentially some passengers find the destinations appropriate or that the fares are comfortable for their budget.

It is typical of so many contributors to this forum that they live in the past. It is why they constantly moan that BA is not what it was. No, it isn’t what it was. It is no longer state owned, flights are generally on time, and are a lot cheaper. 25 years ago I would pay ~ £250 round trip BHX to FAO. Yes, I had “free” drinks, but now, 25 years later, I have to pay for a drink, but I still pay £250, or less, for flights on the same route.

The same contributors also have an arrogance that people would only fly a LoCo airline because they can’t afford a “real one”.

Ryanair realised a few years ago that being nice might work. I was told this before it happened, by a Ryanair pilot who sat by me on a flight from FAO to MAD. He said that MO’L had been told, by staff, to try being nice. MO’L has tried it, and it works. The airline has improved, as has EZ. They have moved with the times. It would be nice if contributors could also move with the times.

For me I don’t live in the past, but if I’ve had poor service from a supplier I may not give them ‘another go’ regardless of the time in between, just as if I got food poisoning from a restaurant, I wouldn’t return. Or if I purchased a mechanical item which was defective, as it’s my life, time and funds which I use. Others may chose to do so, good for them if it meets their needs.

I don’t believe I’ve made comments about the old days of BA, 25 years ago I didn’t pay for my travel. If it’s relevant I’ve never paid for catering on any aircraft and today still don’t, but for those who do, that’s their concern. I make no judgements on anyone, just as we all chose where we live, what car we drive etc. So if wealthy people fly LCC thats their business, I have no specific interest in others who have no real relationship with me. So I’m not too sure where I should move onto.

It’s nice to read your insight, as so many contributors on numerous forums state, I know….., I’ve been told….., I know the senior team…. etc, but there is no ability to know if it’s accurate due to the anonymous postings.

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