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Ramadan Kareem Ahmad, a lot of the travel I do in the APAC region is to Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia so am very aware of the restrictions and time needed to plan trips or just going about everyday life at this time of year

I am always very aware of my surroundings when through this holy month and make sure I do not offend or do anything that makes fasting difficult.

I have always been a huge fan of the celebration of breaking the fast and have been invited to many Iftar’s in Malaysia when I lived there and have enjoyed many a discussion about religions and faith..

I have flown a number of times on EK when its been Ramadan and they have kept the passengers informed when the fast will end at wherever the plane is situated at that time, and they have tried to appease the passengers with their dietary requirements and get the food to the fasters first which I totally agree with.

I was not aware of the ability to carry days over, that certainly would help if you did a lot of travelling through the holy month. As a Jew we get one day and if you are travelling or miss it you dont get a second chance!

DNAdams I find your comments a little strong, yes its a choice and I personally would eat anything put in front of me, but if a plane is going to Saudi I am sure they would not have Bacon or Pork on there so why do it to TLV where the same rules apply no? I believe Martyn was just suggesting tolerance of the fact nothing else..

As for the killing of animals I am totally with Charles-P on this, they are going to be killed anyway and the fact they are killed with a super sharp knife which is supposed to be more humane why is that any difference to an animal being stunned and killed in another way? I personally love the taste of meat and will eat it anyway.

Back to the point, I hope Ramadan is treating you well Ahmad and to all of other denominations a very happy Wednesday

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