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A major organisation like BA would have at least 6 layers of protection for its IT and cut offs to stop contagion between micro-IT systems.

Running data centres is not as easy as people think – just to give a flavour in the airline industry, I’ve searched around for the article I read earlier this year about the Delta outage in 2016.

Even though it was a known failure mode (in the industry), it still caught Delta and cost them into 9 figures. Needless to say, Delta is a lot larger airline than BA and yet they still got whacked.

We’re not talking about small business networks, here, this stuff is highly complex and the architecture is ‘country house’, rather than ‘techo’, due to the need to accommodate legacy systems.

At Scale, Rare Events aren’t Rare

I don’t wish to defend BA, but a lot of top firms have been caught by big data centre problems – it’s just that in the airline business, it is much higher profile news.

Edited to add: in the article, the switch gear is programmed to protect generators worth single figures of millions from damage, in the event of the problem being an internal ground fault – the author is a well respected expert in this area and it is difficult to argue with his logic that maybe there are more important things to protect, in this case like running the schedule.

Writing off another few million on top of 100+ is probably trivial , to be honest, so I’d go for a default of bringing the generators online, as a business decision.

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