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The Cathay lounge will be welcoming. However, it can get quite busy. Part of the problem is that it has no “working area” which means that people who want to use their laptops (or tablets to watch a film) hog the tables in the restaurant, which mean that passengers who, like me on my last trip to London, actually wanted to have dinner had to go on a waiting list for tables (grrrrr)

I am feeding back to Cathay that a workstation area would help, as would a transparent queueing system for tables (I left my name on a waiting list but by the time a staff member had found me to bring me to the table, two ladies had swooped in and taken it)

Interestingly, the staff announced the QANTAS departure – so they are clearly expecting and catering for QF pax. And after that announcement the lounge became a lot quieter (I was actually on a CX flight)