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Lots of new threads about BA continuing to slide down the quality threshold.
Since my post in October we have been fortunate to complete 4 sectors for business in First with Emirates and a further 4 with Etihad. In terms of customer experience both airlines fulfilled the brief of making it special. Etihad have the edge with the Apartment cabin, the chef and attention to detail – as your car delivers you to T4 there is someone there to take the bags from the boot and deliver to check in – a relief for those of us with sore L3 in their backs.

Emirates also have their strengths.

We have just booked a further 4 sectors with Etihad in First and are about to book 4 more with Emirates for another business trip. Yes I am very fortunate as I travel with my wife at this stage of being semi retired.

The reason I write this is that 3/4 years ago we ONLY would have travelled BA – we are now happy to pay a little extra sometimes for the amazing quality of service we have had from Etihad and Emirates. So BA have lost revenue of 2 passengers on 8 First sectors in a year – 16 First flights. But then they have saved money by cutting back of the operating costs of First.
Is it good business?
Do they really want to offer First?
I do not believe they take First seriously – I wonder if they have to offer it to retain certain corporate contracts?