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Totally agree FaroFlyer.
On my regular treks to HK, I’d much rather have short hop to AMS or dare I say it even CDG and then a settle in for a nice long flight.
My 2nd favoured option is selecting a flight through the ME that builds in an extended layover.

But here’s the rub , my HK trips are for leisure and since my vast wealth doesn’t stretch to staying in Trump towers. As a result if Qatar or Etihad come up with an irresistible price point then I’m off via the ME3. EK would really have to be cheap to get me along the M* to GLA, in the same way that AF would have to be to lure me through the rat hole that is CDG.

Getting back to BA pricing, in all my years of heading to HK, never has BA appeared on ourvalue for money radar.
And you know what. They’re not likely too.. for me KL-LH-TK-QR-EK-CX and even AF offer a superior “y” experience than BA.. and that’s just disappointing!!!