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Friend of mine works as cabin Crewe at BA. Recently getting fed up with all the cuts and had a very difficult passanger. He snapped snd said “I know it’s not [email protected]@@ing good enough here is the CEOs email address. This is a true story.

Sweet. Deserves to be dismissed instantly for gross misconduct.

Agreed. Email is so impersonal. Should have given the mobile number instead. Now THAT would have been customer service.

Why can’t the cabin crew member do what 99.9% of the service oriented working population do, i.e. handle the ‘difficult’ customer professionally (hint, their money is no more difficult than anyone elses) and then, if the job is intolerable due to management decisions, find one that works for them?

Swearing at the customer is grossly unprofessional and does not suggest to me that the person has the right temperament to cope under stress, e.g. in an emergency.