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My problem is that I almost always travel hand luggage only. I always carry a laptop – so from now on, from those airports, I’ll have to carry a check in bag. That may not sound like a major inconvenience, but it’s enough to make me choose other airlines/airports.

For the airports/airlines that these new rules apply to at least it should solve 1. the problems of chaotic boarding by those insisting on taking too much or oversized hand luggage onto the plane and 2. insufficient overhead luggage space.
If every business traveller who needs/insists to take a laptop/tablet with them has to check luggage into the hold this will free up space within the cabin and will remove the reason why most people seem to be desperate to get onto the plane i.e. to grab the overhead luggage space. I for one am looking forward to a more leisurely boarding and no issues finding overhead space.
PS I always check luggage into the hold and take a small laptop bag with me but I guess my carry-on bag could get even smaller now.