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Agamemnon, others on this forum who fly BA more than I do can probably explain better as I have now completely stopped flying BA, however, when I was living in the RF BA started to use long haul aircraft on their DME routes which may then have caused a more traditional meal service. I know some of those flights have now reverted to narrowbody short haul aircraft so not sure if there is a differential depending on the aircraft used. I imagine competition also matters and I know SU serve a full hot meal service, and finally, of course, the price point on flights to the RF are typically quite high. It used to infuriate me the poor level of service BA offered on flights out of LED with fares equal to their flights out of DME but with no direct nonstop competition they could get away with it. I guess the others can advise if Moscow is treated as short haul or a special case depending on aircraft, now in light of BoB.