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K1ngston – the same cant be said about BAEC…

So I have now got to the bottom of my renewal letters.

Apparently a few BAEC members were sent incorrect renewal benefits notifications. Quite a few Silver members were sent Gold benefit invitations and a handful of Golds were sent Gold guest list invitations.

After speaking to BAEC over a week ago, I called again to see what was happening. The answer was the loyalty team reviewed the cases and decided not to make any changes. They also did not feel it was necessary to contact the affected passengers to explain or apologize for the error.

Normally, this would not bother me, but combined with the useless upgrade vouchers (I have 2 of them, currently on my account) which I have been told I can never use due to my routings, once again shows the total lack of customer focus / attention, BA give to their so called “loyal” customers.