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MAN-LHR, Business UK ticket, pretty full flight.

Boarded #3, in exit row. Stowed small computer bag and coat in bin.

Noticed some people boarding with 3 or more pieces of cabin baggage.

Eventually, the inevitable happens and the crew start to try to fit everything in.

Along comes a young cc who asks me if the bag and jacket are mine and when I confirm he says “I hope you don’t mind if I move these a bit forward to make space”.

When I said that I did mind and I wanted to keep my bag close to me,I got the ‘roll eyes’ and a passive aggressive ‘ok’.

Having paid a premium for a flexible ticket and boarded at the start, to secure overhead bin space near me, why should I help the airline make space for passengers who were flouting the allowances, with impunity?

Although it is none of the airline’s business, I have sensitive data on my laptop and do need to use best endeavours to safeguard that, thus my need to keep it very close, so it wasn’t a case of being bloody minded.

If BA really does want to compete with the LCCs, it needs to smarten up on controlling hand baggage.

Maybe you need to remember that when you buy your ticket, regardless of the price or type, you are buying your seat, not a specific locker, so if the crew need to move bags, they are quite in their rights to do so, and were only asking out of politeness, and to be met by obstructive NO from you is prob why you got the eye roll. As for sensitive items on the laptop, its only for take off and landing it needs to be in locker, so during flight bring it to your seat or get a lockable case.

Maybe you need to remember that I was travelling on a fully flexible ticket, which gives me the entitlement to board first and take my pick of locker space. You should be aware that one does not purchase a particular seat, so you are wrong on that.

Maybe you also need to remember that the airline is there for my convenience, not the other way around.

Maybe you also need to remember that the pressure on the overhead bin space was caused by the airline’s negligence in not following its own published policies.

Whatever a cabin crew member thinks, to roll eyes at a customer is unprofessional – then again, this was mixed fleet, so not unexpected.

Ultimately, if the cabin crew member had insisted on moving the bag, I would have used the ticket’s flexibility and travelled on the next service, letting them offload my hold luggage and miss their slot – which I am as much entitled to do as the crew member is to move my bag – it is time that airlines remember that when you sell a premium ticket, it should come with differentiated service levels.

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