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I have also been using Truphone for the last 3 years or so. Have both my HKG and UK numbers on the same SIM which removes the hassle of swapping over SIMs or carrying multiple phones. So far it has worked very well and with something like 60 “on-net” countries (US, essentially the whole of Europe, Oz and the main Asian countries), I rarely incur charges beyond my monthly allowance despite using it for both voice and data.

Couple of things to bear in mind though:
– it is not cheap (approx GBP 70 for 1,000 mins and 1GB of data)
– it may only be available to companies and not individuals (but this may have changed and/or be dependent on country of subscription)
– the company continues to post losses, and despite Abramovich being a major shareholder, I wonder whether one day soon it will close shop

For the moment though I am overall a happy customer.