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LP: Yes but… I daresay that you are not trying it on with having bought an HBO fare!

There is a lively debate over on HeadforPoints and Flyertalk about BA’s new practice of targeting BA/Amex 241 Companion voucher holders for downgrades in the event of overbooking – and then telling the downgraded non-voucher holder, that they are entitled to no compensation because they have paid nothing for their seat. This is likely to end up in court fairly soon.

We appear now to be in the situation of a service sector company whose management cannot see the wood for the trees, to which customer loyalty is something to be used and abused at will and for whom their own fare policies are routinely stood on their head.

As an indication of how things have plummeted at BA, there is no possibility that I would have offered such a criticism some three or four years ago.