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I live in in SW London. When I bought my house I was fully aware of the fact that London Heathrow airport was just a few miles away and that a constant stream of flights overflew my house. Over the past 15 – 20 years I have not seen or noticed any more or less aircraft overflying my area. However I have noticed how quitter the aircraft actually are. I recall Tridents, BAC-1-11’s, 747-100’s and of course Concorde making a hell of a racket, particularly noticeable on Sunday afternoons when flights took off to the East. So the argument of noise and pollution is frankly a red herring, it really is. Did anyone living in West London not know LHR was there, did they not know that forecasts for years and years have been a growth in air travel? We all know the truth of that one, it makes my blood close to boiling when people complain about something that has been there for so long and brings so much wealth to the area.

South West London has a huge number of people that rely on LHR for their jobs, thus a lot of people will see expansion of LHR as an opportunity for their children and grand children. As EDSKI says, Nimbys by a minority of people that manage to make more noise than those that either support expansion or just don’t care.

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