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@luganopirate, thanks for your insightful memories, they’re good to know, glad to hear you enjoyed your visits to the Euromast in Rotterdam while living there. We enjoyed the views, from here the vistas are nearly infinite. We’ve seen people from the observation deck and from the ground who abseiled too, glad your eldest son has done this and I’m even more glad he told you so only after he has done it.

In regards to good food in Rotterdam we enjoyed our lunch at the FG Restaurant, you might have read our review here on BT, this restaurant is now located on a new address in Rotterdam, beautiful food / 2 Michelin stars / highly recommended. Yes, Parkheuvel is on our radar for a future visit. We might have spotted the Chalet Suisse in the park, but we wouldn’t have known about a restaurant there, we might investigate this further. Thanks a lot.

Cheers & Safe Travels.