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On the contrare, I fly over a million km per year!!! Surely by now, no modern “work warrior” need to carry more than a laptop/ipad mobile phone to do their work on board, if needs be, plus Passport/Cedit cards. I have clothes stashed away at most of the large destinations I fly to, and if I ever need anything, there is nothing I cannot purchase at most destinations. Unless, of course, you are the fortunate few that need to prepare for expeditions into the “deep”.

You obviously do not understand travelling patterns outside your own.

Most people do not have clothes stashed away at destination, mainly becuase their destinations will vary and they are not in control of where they stay. Even though I have my own micro business, it is policy in my sector for the client to select and pay for the hotel, so I rarely stay more than once or twice a month in the same place.

You are also missing people who need to carry valuable or delicate equipment, e.g. professional photographers.

You obviously fly your million kms in a private jet, where you are denied any interaction with other travellers, thus inhibiting a sense of empathy for differeing situations.

Agreed FDOS

Take my situation for example. The past 3 years I have commuted from the UK to North America (USA/Canada/Mexico) 10-12 days there then back home for 8-9 days before returning.

Once there, I travel daily, from city to city, coast to coast taking at least 1 flight (sometimes 3 flight segments) per day.
IF I check in my luggage (A 4 wheel roller with dimesions accepted on board by BA, AA, United etc) and it gets lost (which has of course happened) then the reality is that it never catches up with me.

The last time this happened, my bag was gone for 5 days and I ended up collecting it from ORD prior to my return flight – A process by the way, which took an extensive amount of phone calls and hours of wasted time on the phone with hopelessley disinterested / rude & unhelpful staff and an ever growing stress level which does my health no favours.
I do not carry a roller on board because I really want to but because it’s become a necessity to do so.

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