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There was a time when I was very loyal to BA and collector of Airmiles / Avios. I still enjoy flying long haul with BA, but more often on leisure trips paid for with points and an Amex companion voucher these days. Other factors now come into play when I am paying for a ticket, but to get those Avios I find myself being loyal to Oneworld, rather than BA.

For example, being based “up north” I will use Cathay from MAN for New Zealand (or sometimes from AMS or DUS which can be materially cheaper than from MAN itself) and AA for the states. Later this year I am trying QF to Dubai which, thanks to their special offer advertised on this page, is half the cost of Emirates direct, or or BA via LHR.

What also puts me off travelling via LHR is the horrid arrival-security experience there. When I have been screened by Homeland Security a few hours earlier, it seems painful to queue to be re-screened at LHR to catch a shuttle back to MAN, so if I can fly directly into MAN I will do.