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Out of the 63 sectors I have so far flown this year, 52 of them have been on BA (and 6 others had BA flight numbers). 24 of my flights have been free (apart from taxes) and my overall travel spend has reduced due to ex-Europe and BA sale prices.

So, what it would take for me NOT to fly BA

1. BA lose a shed load of slots from LHR

2. BA increase their fares significantly

3. BA somehow stop us Brits benefiting from ex-Europe tickets

4. BA close avios

5. A competitor who provides equal status and airmiles to enable my annual travel spend not to increase.

I know CW is dated but I still manage to sleep well. I know other airlines have superior products.

I think F is a total waste of money (nice if you are upgraded) and BA probably do not need to invest in Club on the basis of their loadings – however, as FDoS continually points out, they will need to invest at some point.

Welcome back JC,

and congrats to FDoS for having an income generating graduate… excellent