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Jonathan, thanks for the thread. I think one big factor is route. I certainly like BA, and am LTG. That does not give me blind loyalty to BA but means that I will always consider them. I find some of the anti BA sentiments on this forum to be somewhat strange. I had been thinking of an equal and opposite thread, and asking the ABBA fans what it would take them to fly BA, not the ME3.

As I said, I think the biggest factor is route, and also the traveller’s age. I have tried EK to HKG, and found the product variable – 3 different Business class seats in 4 sectors. I also tried RJ simply to maximise BA Tier Points.

I would certainly be open to the ME3 on the kangaroo routes, but for SE Asia it is like going back to the late 80s / early 90’s where you are woken halfway through the night to get off a plane, stand in the terminal for an hour or so, in those days under armed guard, then get back on a plane. Why would you do this now, to SE Asia, just to avoid BA; LH; VS; KL; CX; SQ or AF? As I said, I can understand the ME3 on the kangaroo route, but not SE Asia.

Price is one of my biggest considerations and we are planning a Europe to SYD trip in February. Cheapest, of the major carriers, including ME3 but not Russian, Indonesian or Indian, is BA at ~ €2,300 followed by QR at €2,500. Why would I pay more to avoid an airline where I have LTG status? Maybe QR or EY have better beds, but if anything goes wrong my BA status increases my chance of a good resolution, and also gives me a vague chance of an upgrade.

Not blind loyalty to BA but a practical approach to minimise cost and maximise leverage.

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