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So if there was to be a complete, all round safety briefing, what are the key points and how should they be conveyed. For me and in no particular order;

1. ensure seat belts are on
2. where the life vest is (and I always reach for it to make sure its there
3. Emergency exits and doors
4. cabin crew announce and enforce passengers remove earplugs put papers down
5. oxygen masks
6. the authority of the crew in terms of adhering to crew instructions
7. actions to be taken in in the event of an emergency
8. passengers warned not to reach for any luggage in the event of an emergency. (I would doubt this could be made a criminal offence, unless our American friends support this, which they will not!!)
8. floor area must be kept clear for take off and landing
9. warnings about not smoking and effects of alcohol
10. window shades should be open for take off and landing (can anyone confirm Emirates policy on this as I am sure open blinds would have assisted for situational awareness over closed blinds.

How best to convey these messages. I do think if the airlines had a generic format it would help and the presentation should cut all padding be professional and last no longer than 90 – 120 seconds.

As has often been said before, the briefing should be played on screens in the departure lounge / or key points displayed on large notices, such as earphones should be removed on boarding until after the safety announcement.

Emirates policy is blinds open.

I think all the above are covered in the current briefing.

Not sure playing it in the departure lounge would really make much difference. People do wear headphones and read papers there too.

Finally IMHO the response should be proportionate and based on risk analysis. Not being complacent but no-one died in either the BA or Emirates incidents (whether 9 or 10 across), fatal accidents in 2014 were at an all time low and I’m not sure the industry needs to instigate disproportionate measures.

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