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Other posters have made some very good points about the size of carry on bags and quantity of carry on bags. However, I think we also need to look at the circumstances in isolation in this case. Emirates has a generous 30kg checked luggage allowance for economy passengers. It is unlikely that everyone in the group shown within the evacuation video were just travelling with hand luggage. Secondly, you can clearly hear someone worrying about the whereabouts of their laptop computer. Not something that passengers ordinarily put in their checked luggage either. As this article from Bloomberg states the most common reasons for grabbing hand luggage during an evacuation are to obtain “money, wallets and credit cards followed by work materials, keys and medication”. So, whilst limiting the size, weight and amount of hand luggage taken onboard would undoubtedly help I believe this would not be a ‘fix all’ to a problem that has been seen across carriers around the world. A more rigorous legislative approach may be required in the same way that other measures have been taken to make flying the safest mode of transport. In my opinion this could include limiting hand luggage, making the taking of hand luggage during an evacuation a criminal offence, more stringent warnings during safety demonstration and locked hat racks during take off and landing. I would also consider more radical measures that could be seen as harming the passenger experience. For example, a requirement that passengers put said valuables (money, wallet, passport, boarding pass and vital medication) in a very small bag (possibly conforming to an industry standard provided by the airline) and placed into the seat pocket during takeoff and landing. In the event of an emergency passengers can grab and wear this bag around their neck in the event of an evacuation. Most airlines aren’t in the business of advertising what would happen in an emergency when they are trying to sell a dream flight – However, perhaps they need to openly say “Don’t worry about your laptop – we’ll replace it. Don’t worry about your money – if there is an emergency we’ll give you plenty. Don’t worry about your keys – we will be putting you up in a five star hotel”. In other words, we (the airline) can replace everything apart from your life.

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