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Amsterdam is one of the most capable airports in Europe, the one we nominate as the best for many years. it was clearly busy the 5 times in went through in the last two weeks. This was mainly due to holidays.
Why is it the BA flights stand out as always delayed not just to LHR but LCY last Sunday delayed by 1.50 minutes?? The only flight of the day too…

Security is tighter and more visible, many armed Military on the two wheel platforms whizzing around, and in the station also.
I do not use the roads in and out of Schiphol, as they are not reliable for timing into the airport, as much as the NL trains.
However, how would we prevent any problems on the trains, when there is no enhanced security coming in?
One of those City issues that really are impossible to cover for every possibility.
Immigration is very fast with electronic gates, overseen by a senior Office at his high desk, and armed Military now. Colleagues man the non EU desks and come out when it is busy.
Much improved Excellent.
security has so many lanes with whole body scanners, in two main sections of the airport on a different floor now, so this also is divided, and hi tech, excellent.

Well done as always The Dutch and Schiphol