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The security at LCY is incomprehensible to me. As a mild asthmatic, I carry a ventolin inhaler with me. LCY is the only airport anywhere I have been at which I am required to place my inhaler in a plastic bag. If its in my jacket pocket, then my jacket goes into the scanner’s “naughty queue” which means an additional delay. And if I have been away overnight and am already carrying a liquids bag, then the ventolin needs to squeeze into that. Only ever at LCY.

And if I’m in transit and have brought a bottle of duty free with me from my airport of departure, properly sealed in a transit bag of course with the receipt showing, then what a kerfuffle that causes. In fact the supervisor who was called to inspect my nice bottle of Italian Red told me that he “hates it when people do this”…”this” being legitimately bring duty free through the airport whilst in transit in accordance with DOT guidelines.