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We flew on this flight from Glasgow to Sanford, although a short hall aircraft this was substituted at the last minute due to a technical fault on the original aircraft.

Check in was painful, massive queues and takes ages to process, no online checkin, staff rude and unhelpful very inefficient.

The boarding was chaos as there was no premium seating all passengers needed to be reseated the handling agents at Glasgow were awful they were rude and unhelpful, many upset passengers so bad that the police were called twice to try and calm the situation caused by the handling agents attitude to passengers, family’s were split up and special needs passengers were neglected.

Due to the issues there’s was a three hour delay, there was no update on the delay or any form of refreshments offered, Glasgow not the best Airport to be stuck in for a delay.

Even Tweeting Thomson for help was no use, just. Polite reply we will get you going as soon as we can.
Once on board the aircraft was 2-4-2 seating and was cramped and uncomfortable, the IFA did not work properly there was an issue with the sound may be the poor quality head phones issued, there were not enough pillows and no blankets.

The drinks were expensive as usual the food was ok but no choice, and curry was not popular to everyone’s taste.

Baggage an issue as Thomson weigh hand baggage at 5kg,unlike most other airlines who base this on size.

This was supposed to be a Dreamliner flight, ok Thomson could not help the problems with that Aircraft, but this ended up a nightmare flight rather than a Dreamliner.