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Agreed. Ironic that those expenses may well include exactly these taxes! In the interests of political balance, it’s clearly not just MPs from one political party who are apparently up to the expenses malarky.

VintageKrug, you make comment about passengers voting with their feet, and to some extent I can see your argument. Interestingly, however, no-one has touched on the fact that when transiting an airport (catching a connecting flight) one often pays the local tax twice (an arrival tax and a departure tax – plus often separate security levies). These taxes can be even more horrendous in terms of the percentage of the overall ticket cost; is there any evidence (anecdotal or otherwise) that taxation levels have affected pax choice (and therefore traffic levels) at the main hub airports (e.g. AMS, FRA, CDG, CPH etc)? Also, is it fair to suggest that, to some extent, LHR is protected from this as it has, I understand, a considerably smaller proportion of transit traffic than many of the key mainland European players? In turn, if this is the case, might this fact have influenced Government policy regarding the sustainability of high passenger tax levels – on the principle that most people will only be “hit once each way”? I’m sure that the effect of passenger tax levels on any airport outside London has never exercised the mind of any civil servant, in true Sir Humphrey fashion.