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Hi Black Tower. Couple of points. Can’t work out whether holding onto VK’s “every word” and treating him/her as the “font of all knowledge” is a point of supreme irony. If so, you are very clever. If not, you are very, very sad.
Secondly, I wasn’t being abusive by referring to an individual’s views as being pompous etc. I was referring to the tone of the view, not the individual themselves. I did not, for example, call VT him/herself “pompous etc” However, you referring to me as a “total chopper” and a “mindless idiot” certainly is abuse. Try using a dictionary to determine the definition of “abusive.”
At least I use my real full name and don’t feel the need to hide behind ego-centric pseudonyms like “Black Tower” to call other contributors “choppers” and ‘Idiots.” For example, if I were to call you a “pompous prat hiding behind a pseudonym that is a make of cheap and tasteless German wine, and whose views are equally worthless,” that would actually be abusive. So, of course, I would never suggest such a thing.
Finally, BT, I run my own Company. I am solely responsible for when and where to travel, and in what class. I am also FULLY aware that taxation is a political issue (I have a first degree, two Postgraduate Diplomas and an MBA from Warwick Business School – not bad for a “mindless idiot”, eh? What have you got, apart from a pretentious pseudonym?). My point old chap, was to keep PARTY politics out of the Discussion Board. Clearly, you didn’t read my post closely enough to see that. Or perhaps you are mentally and intellectually incapable of making such a textual and contextual distinction?
Finally, your knowledge of economics is obviously as weak as your overall persona; travel is NOT the “biggest business” in the world at all. It is certainly of crucial importance but I’m sure that if you read beyond the Daily Mail, Beano or whatever forms your daily literary fare, you may find that, inter alia, (that’s Latin for “amongst others” by the way) agriculture and oil (to name but the first two that have occurred to me) both have much larger global turnover than travel. Toodle-pip old chap.

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