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Usually I start off my holiday the night before, stay at a hotel at the airport, and get the twilight check in option, Would seriously recommend this if flying with Virgin, almost no wait and you don’t have the stress of doing it the morning of your flight.

The morning of my flight, I went through Virgin’s premium security channel, which again was very quick and easy. I then went over to the Gatwick V-Room, which was a very nice way to start off my holiday.

The flight was great. comfortable seat, not so good for sleeping in though, I managed too, but it wasn’t all that easy. The material was good, and smooth, not rough. I sat in row 52, extra legroom seats. They were worth while.

The service was good, the food was good, not the best food ever but it was still quite tasty. Flight was on time, landed a bit late, there was a little bit of circling because of traffic. Drinks were offered twice, they should have had more opportunities.