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I’m not at all surprised that VS chose to pull out. They never really understood the Indian market, which is both price and service sensitive, and did some pretty stupid things. For years I ended up flying to New York on BA because VS never matched the BA “I” class fare in Club, or restricted their offering to their most unattractively timed flights. More recently they pissed everyone off by adopting a zero tolerance policy towards excess baggage, and at the same time keeping their baggage allowance at 30 Kgs in Club when BA and Jet were allowing 69 Kgs!. I can vouch for this personally as I was made to pay 80 quid at Heathrow when I checked in with 32 Kgs of baggage. Indians don’t travel light, so this became a big issue. Add to this the limited number of destinations they offer in Europe and the US, and the writing’s been on the wall for ages. I’d take a bet that they will be out of Delhi as well before the year’s out. They are the lowest priced in the market today (on par with Air India) and still not getting much traffic.